28th of september photoshoot the painting #Sumometer. Martha would go around the work place dressed as a sumo. Reminding people to keep a 1 meter sumo distance because of the corona virus. This painting would not have been possible without the virus. 


7th of september photoshoot with Cognite and Spot. Really looking forward to painting Spot beside the last Well A-11 on Valhalls drilling platform(DP). The idea is to show digitalization and the future of technology. This painting is influenced by W. Turners "The Fighting Temeraire" one of my favorite paintings.

Valhall coronavirus 2020.jpg

Working on IP crane during the corona virus. I was 23 days offshore. Hope it is over soon.  Thinking about offshore art and what an amazing opportunity I have to capture this environment with oil paint and canvas.


First time artist models. The picture taken during the planning of "The morning meeting" As you can see there are no EX telephones on the workbench.  Life before digitalization started. If wanted to contact a person you had to page them and then stand beside the phone and wait until they ring back.