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Arnt Olav Tveit

Arnt Olav er 58 år og  bor i Åmli i Agder. Han har
jobbet offshore som kranmekaniker siden 2012 og er innleid fra IKM. Først på Ula og deretter Valhall.


 Crane mechanic


Ludvig Kvilhaug


Offshore Installation Manager


Elin Grete Thorsen

Elin Grete is 62 years of age and  comes from Åkrehamn, Norway. She has worked offshore for 22 years and is just recently retired. All medicine that comes offshore must be verified by the offshore nurse before use. As an offshore nurse, one must be a driving force and a resource person. Answer questions about work environments, hygiene and health problems. Supervise hygienic and sanitary conditions on the platform. Teach emergency response teams first aid.

"A great workplace with a good working environment. Great breadth in my field of work."


Offshore Nurse/ Health adviser


Thomas Risheim Skjæveland

Thomas is 31 years old and comes from Randaberg, Stavanger. He has worked offshore for 9 years as an industrial mechanic.  

"Offshore life connects you closely with your  colleagues. This creates cohesion and good friendship. I often think of my colleagues as the other "family". At the same time, the offshore life means missing my  friends and family sometimes."


Industrial mechanic


Arnfinn Adolfsen


Arnfinn is 43 years old and lives in Oslo, Norway. He has worked offshore for 23 years as a mechanic. Today he works with Digital Worker Eureka Crew.

"Offshore life has characterized by working in rotation, with 14 days long sessions followed by 4 weeks off. Very good working environment, becomes like your second family when you are on board. One works very intensely, everybody has that same respect for safety, process reliability and  are proud of their workplace. You have everything you need on board, Doctor, Kiosk, Internet, Gym, Cinema, Hobby clubs and everything else you could wish for".


Mechanic / Digital Worker Eureka Crew


Stine Ådland

Stine is 21 years old and comes from Karmøy, Norway. She has worked 3 years offshore and was an apprentice with Aker BP before gaining full time employment. 

"Good working environment, a lot of varied work, and interesting work operations. It is a workplace with a strong focus on safety and the working environment. Here you also have the opportunity to meet and get to know people from all over Norway. Personally, I started at Valhall in 2017 where I still am and really thrive. The negative aspects of working offshore are missing my family and friends, especially on holidays".


Instrumentation Technician


Kjell-Oluf Johansen


Kjell-Oluf is from Narvik in Nordland, Norway. He is 57 years old and works as an El&Auto planner. He has worked offshore for over 34 years.


"An all-round challenging workplace and environment. Nice people to work with ".


Planner El&Auto


Arvid Karlsrud


Planner El&Auto


Nils Haga


Nils is from Vossestrand in Hordaland Norway. He is 57 years old and works as a Mechanical Technician. He has worked offshore for over 10 years.


"Interesting job with a good working environment. Good work routines 2 weeks on and 4 weeks off. Aker BP is a solid company that takes care of its employees."


Industrial mechanic


Martin Gjerde

Martin is 20 years old, comes from Nedre Vats, Norway and has worked 1.5 years offshore as an apprentice mechanic.

 "For me, offshore life is a culture, when you are at work you always thinking about safety and how to do the job you have in the best way possible. Then it is also something that you contribute to the welfare state of Norway so that we can preserve and have the benefits we have today. As well as being social and I can't wait to go to work every time. You are at work for 2 weeks but with good colleagues who become like a Family where you have a lot of good humor among us the two weeks go incredibly fast."


Industrial mechanic apprentice