Martha Steensnæs helps her work colleagues keep the 1 meter corona safe distance. This oil painting  is 1x1 meter and it was created as result of the outbreak of the corona virus. It looks so out of context for offshore workers but is very relevant for the times we live in today. This is not a surreal offshore art work but reality. In time though, it may appear that way when looking back from the future.


Spot and Well A-11

This is a study for an oil on canvas painting of Spot from Boston Dynamics, beside oil Well A-11. It is one of the worlds most advanced robots. The Well A11 is  to be the last oil well to be plugged on Valhall DP.  The platform started operation on 17 December 1981 with the first covered derrick. It was technologically advanced for its time. In 2021 it is to be transported to Stord, on the west coast of Norway, to be reduced to scrap metal. The age of digitalization and Cognite has arrived.


Scaffolding, Valhall IP

Andreas Claussnitzer is a scaffolder. He lives in Germany and has worked many years offshore in Norway. .


The Painter

Annelin Nordbø Selje works for Kaefer Energy Offshore as an Industrial painter.

She is from Odda and is only 23 years old. Annelin has already worked offshore for over 3 years.


Passenger X

Karl Johnny Hersvik CEO Aker BP, surveys Valhall oil field. He travelled offshore on a surprise visit and did not want to alert the platform of his presence. So his name on the helicopter flight list was just  "Passenger X". This caused an awful lot of commotion since the title is normally reserved for the King of Norway. He was greeted by a singing Offshore Installation Manager in his finest clothes.

In the painting Karl Johnny is standing on Valhalls most modern platform PH. Looking at the older modules with QP already decommissioned and removed. Maersk Invincible is plugging the wells on DP.


The morning meeting, Valhall PH

El&Auto workshop 7am, where the days work orders are being discussed and shared. This is one of the last times before digitalization came to Valhall. There are no ex-telephones to be seen yet. Stine Ådland is just 21 years old and had just taken her Automation Certificate. Geir Vevatne is not awake yet and Bjørn Helge Ringsø  is standing in the doorway. He is late as expected. Tommy Petersons leg can be seen in the left corner of the painting. Alf Bjarne Ingebrigtsen in his flannel shirt is talking about this wonderful dream he has had. This my view every morning offshore.


The Perfect Flare

The perfect flare is one that is not burning the platforms gas reserves. I am standing on Valhall PH weather deck. This painting was made late in the night, the wind was so strong it blew my home made easel over several times. The water colour paint dried as it left my brush. I was so cold, that I had to have a warm shower before I went to bed that night.


Covid-19 Test, Stavanger

This is where every Aker BP offshore worker has to take a Covid-19 test before travelling offshore. 

Clarion Hotel Air, Stavanger. I am so happy to have made this painting, you can see the cardboard box and the conference chairs in the makeshift corona test area. It was very much learn by doing the first time. Today they use another room and everything is much more sophisticated. 


Corona Hotel from a graveyard

The painting was done while I was in quarantine for one week, at Clarion Air hotel. There was maybe 10 of us in the whole place. A large number of Norwegian airplanes in the background were grounded because of flight restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


Rita is ready for home

Rita Wøhni Grytnes is Norway's first female instrument technician to work offshore. She has worked offshore for 40 years. In the painting she is waiting for her helicopter flight home.


The Planner, Valhall WP

Arvid Karlsrud is planning the maintenance of a gas lift valve. Gas lift is where gas is mixed with oil to make it easier to pump it up from the well. He is using the EX telephone prototype for the first time offshore. Digitalization has arrived to Valhall oil platform for the very first time Cognite is here.